Friday, 16 November 2007

There goes the neighbourhood!

They must be an altogether different breed of people over in the Auriol Park corner of this fair neighbourhood.

Whilst most areas find something some decent threats to their neighbourhood to get riled over (like a new runway through their back gardens, a surge in shootings and other such trivia) it seems the good folk of Salisbury Road are getting very hot under their white collars over the issue of a ‘white van’ which has been left parked on one of their roads for the past few months and has barely moved over all that time.

Yes. A van! On a road! Can you Adam & Eve it? There goes the neighbourhood!

“Local people have tried to confront the white van man but he repeatedly eludes them by arriving after dusk and disappearing at dawn.

To engage him, one person resorted to a sticker bearing the message: "This van is lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, please remove it." reports the local Guardian.

Only in Worcester Park. Now where's Miss Marple when you need her?