Friday, 30 November 2007

Ho ho ho!

Don't forget, Christmas officially comes to Worcester Park tonight, with the WP Traders' Association Christmas event in Central Road.

The road will be lined with all sorts of festive fare - roasting chestnuts, games, competitions, festive stalls etc.

But best of all, Father Christmas arrives in Worcester Park at 7.30pm (traffic permitting).

P.S: Steve H has made an excellent comment below, about the lack of publicity about this event. It would not be beyong the wit of man to publicise it with some large banners on Central Road. New Malden High Street is awash with banners for their Malden Fortnight event. I know it's only one evening, but it's an important one for the Worcester Park traders, so a little more publicity wouldn't go amiss. Let's hope they're reading this and take note!