Friday, 16 November 2007

Goodby Mavi, Hello Jackie!

Goodby Mavi!
Every time I left Worcester Park train station, past 'Hair by Thicko' (or is it Fiko?), I wondered just for a moment who or what 'Mavi Boncuk' is, or was. For the unitiated, it was painted haphazardly above a deserted shop (used to be an independent record shop, if I remember correctly) next to the Cuppaholic cafe.

But now Maci Boncuk has left us for good. The shopfront has been painted over, a nice shade of dark green. No indication of what is going in its place - all I could spy inside was a nice wooden floor and wooden panelling, a kitchenette at the back and an air conditioning unit. Well, at least it's not going to be a charity shop.

Hello Jackie!
Last night I blogged about Radio Jackie's Children In Need fundraiser at the Worcester Park Tavern. This morning in a spooky coincidence of timing I tuned into Radio Jackie this morning just in time to hear Neil Long on the breakfast show talking about the existence of the Worcester Park blog, and entertaining his listeners with my blog posting about Zammo (from Grange Hill)'s planned visit to Worcester Park.

Neil also threw down an audio gauntlet by asking that the Worcester Park Blogger reveal themselves (in the 'getting in contact' rather than flasher-mac sense, I'm assuming).

Reveal myself? Not a chance, Mr Long. The Worcester Park blogger stepping into the glare of publicity would be like Banksy doing a personal appearance, or Trevor MacDonald actually contributing something more than an opening link in the 'Tonight' programme that bears his name.

Still, you did chastise me 'on air' for not mentioning you. So consider yourself mentioned. And linked to.

Happy now?

That said, he did describe the blog as 'Very funny', so in true (South) West-End tradition, I'll have to add it to the top of the blog.

Cheers Neil!