Saturday, 17 November 2007

Golden balls

The Golden Chef takeaway has transformed itself into the 'Surrey King Cafe' - possibly because under its the previous name it was becoming better known for its people trafficking rings than its onion rings (full story from The Independent newspaper here, for those who missed out on that one).

I have no information to say that it's actually changed ownership, so will continue to boycott this murky establishment.

I took the snap on the way to the Worcester Park Tavern to see Radio Jackie in action - Neil Long was busy strutting his stuff half way through the 12-hour marathon disco. I was there at the lull between the family bit an the main evening entertainment/auction, and Zammo from Grange Hill had yet to arrive and draw the main crowd with him.

The Deputy Mayor of Kingston (we'll give them that one, as technically the WP Tavern is in the Royal Borough) was milling around - he deserves a mention for three reasons:

(1) He was in Worcester Park
(2) He has a comedy name - Bart Ricketts (and is so far the only person I've known to be named after a cartoon character AND a disease)
(3) He has a blog where no doubt he'll write about his experiences in the WP Tavern

I didn't stay too long, downed my pint, declined the invitation to buy a Radio Jackie balloon and headed off into the Worcester Park darkness.