Tuesday, 27 November 2007

From tiny acorns...

Down in the South of this parish lies Longfellow Road – famous as the childhood home of ex-P.M. John Major and notorious for long grinding traffic jams in the mornings (or is that the other way round?).

Anyway, hidden along Longfellow Road in an incongruous break in the rather dull (apologies to any Longfellow residents reading) rows of Victorian terraced housing is the ‘Rosa Smith Playground’ – named after the benefactor who bequeathed the land to the people of Worcester Park a century ago.

It’s something of a hidden gem for Worcester Park – yes there’s Shadbolt Park and Auriol Park (wonder if that mysterious white van is still parked there) but they are so scarily far away from Central Road that most people (admit it) are too frightened to walk to them lest they get lost and end up in Stoneleigh without a passport or means to get back home.

It’s nice to learn that the community spirit is alive and well as rather twee-sounding ‘Acorn Project’ is busy gathering the £30,000 of nuts needed to fund phase two the renovation of the playground to provide better facilities for slightly older hoodies to play in (re-tarmac the area, and have games pitches painted out, stick in some goals and basketball hoops etc).

The Acorn Project is making their pitch (excuse the pun) for local Council funding for this worthwhile venture, and are also trying to put together Community Panels to help ‘shape our village’.

Quite who The Acorn Project are and what else they get up to in Worcester Park is something of a mystery. Perhaps they are shadowy rivals to The Worcester Park Forum? I shall do a little digging around and let you know.

In the meantime, vive la community spirit – and all power to The Acorn Project.