Saturday, 10 November 2007

And end to the con-fusion...

A week ago I posted (somewhat hurriedly) my brief thoughts on each of the Worcester Park eateries I have tirelessly 'researched' in the past year or so, and commented that I hadn't ever tried 'Silks', on Central Road.

I was delighted, nay honoured, that the new proprietor of Silks is clearly a fan of the Worcester Park blog and has taken the time to put finger to keyboard and tell me a little more about his establishment. He writes:

Hi there,

As the new proprietor of Silks, I invite you in to try some of our food. You've given some good reviews of other restaurants so maybe you could give us a go and see what you think.

To put the record straight, we offer Chinese, Thai and Italian food. In our kitchen we have three seperate chefs for each cuisine. All highly experienced and highly trained in cooking their specific nations food. So, we don't have one specific chef cooking different styles of food.

Your right, our branding and the word fusion needs bringing up to date so that everyone knows exactly what style of food we offer. As time moves on (and finances improve!) we will invest in better signage and a stronger corporate image.

Roy, I appreciate your views on my restaurant, it's a shame we didn't entirely 'wow' you. All of our food is cooked from fresh and is bought by hand from the markets twice weekly to ensure our food is totally fresh. Our chef's have rigourous training to ensure they are up to the job of preparing and cooking top food.

I do understand that Silks won't be to everyone's taste, because we don't fit into a specific genre of restaurant, but we have come a long way in the three months I've been involved, I would go as far as to say the restaurant is the best it's been since it opened 5 years ago. As you can probably see from my babblings above I am very passionate about what we do and would urge anyone and everyone to give us a go! I will personally look after you to ensure your total satisfation!

Many thanks,

James Colairo-Moss

Well, James, I may just take you up on your offer. Oh, and if I put a link to your website here, do I get a crafty discount.....?

UPDATE: Silks restaurant closed on January 1st 2009