Friday, 30 November 2007

Ho ho ho!

Don't forget, Christmas officially comes to Worcester Park tonight, with the WP Traders' Association Christmas event in Central Road.

The road will be lined with all sorts of festive fare - roasting chestnuts, games, competitions, festive stalls etc.

But best of all, Father Christmas arrives in Worcester Park at 7.30pm (traffic permitting).

P.S: Steve H has made an excellent comment below, about the lack of publicity about this event. It would not be beyong the wit of man to publicise it with some large banners on Central Road. New Malden High Street is awash with banners for their Malden Fortnight event. I know it's only one evening, but it's an important one for the Worcester Park traders, so a little more publicity wouldn't go amiss. Let's hope they're reading this and take note!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

From tiny acorns...

Down in the South of this parish lies Longfellow Road – famous as the childhood home of ex-P.M. John Major and notorious for long grinding traffic jams in the mornings (or is that the other way round?).

Anyway, hidden along Longfellow Road in an incongruous break in the rather dull (apologies to any Longfellow residents reading) rows of Victorian terraced housing is the ‘Rosa Smith Playground’ – named after the benefactor who bequeathed the land to the people of Worcester Park a century ago.

It’s something of a hidden gem for Worcester Park – yes there’s Shadbolt Park and Auriol Park (wonder if that mysterious white van is still parked there) but they are so scarily far away from Central Road that most people (admit it) are too frightened to walk to them lest they get lost and end up in Stoneleigh without a passport or means to get back home.

It’s nice to learn that the community spirit is alive and well as rather twee-sounding ‘Acorn Project’ is busy gathering the £30,000 of nuts needed to fund phase two the renovation of the playground to provide better facilities for slightly older hoodies to play in (re-tarmac the area, and have games pitches painted out, stick in some goals and basketball hoops etc).

The Acorn Project is making their pitch (excuse the pun) for local Council funding for this worthwhile venture, and are also trying to put together Community Panels to help ‘shape our village’.

Quite who The Acorn Project are and what else they get up to in Worcester Park is something of a mystery. Perhaps they are shadowy rivals to The Worcester Park Forum? I shall do a little digging around and let you know.

In the meantime, vive la community spirit – and all power to The Acorn Project.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Dumping ground

Spotted this morning in the window of the Marie Curie charity shop in Worcester Park:

Well, I imagine it must do, what with all the carpet cleaning....

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Are you being served?

There's quite a few things that the English are pretty bad at (football springs immediately to mind) but customer service has to rank pretty high on the list of blind spots in this country.

A particularly annoying example arose this evening, albeit with a satisfying twist. I returned some gadgetery to a store in Croydon - having apparently baffled the 12-year old behind the till with the concept that the thing didn't work properly, she asked for the card I paid with and then proceeded to refund the item before I even had a chance to point out that I wanted a replacement, not a refund.

When I deigned to ask for a replacement (the items are kept in a glass case - well, it is Croydon) I was told in as many words that I had to 'go over there and ask for one then'.

So I went over there. And I asked for one. And they handed me one. And I took it back to tilll-bound turnip who, still in a state wild befuddlement, had apparently forgotten that she had given a refund and processed it as an exchange.

The upshot? I walked out into the dark night of Croydon with a broad smile on my face and £50 of technology completely free of charge.

On the subject of service (good service), Longella left a long and well considered comment here (having stumbled on the blog whilst looking for a nail bar, apparently).

She writes:

"As a fellow Worcester Parkite I would like to show some (deserved) recognition for FRIENDLY shop workers...mine being:
1)Italian (?) man in Checkers sandwich bar (always cheers me up),
2) the pharmacist in Boots - he always goes out of his way to help,
3) the lady who serves in WH Smiths - friendly, helpful...polite
4) the waiter in Pizza Express who always remembers us (OK we do go in there a lot - I LOVE PE)"

Well, sounds like a good local blog topic if ever I heard one. So my nominations for GOOD service in Worcester Park:

1) Ross, from Ross Fruiterers - always a friendly and helful. Makes you glad such local shops exist
2) Mr Mustafa in Kingfish - fish served with crispy banter
3) People in Cuppaholic cafe (near the station) - neither brilliant location nor brilliant food, but 10 out of 10 for effort
4) Staff at Le Kitchen - for their sheer delight at remembering my address every time I pop in to place an ordet
5) The chap in the Post Office convenience store (near Mr Ink), for sheer hard work and friendliness

O.K. That's my list. Now over to you....

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Murky matters

News today of worrying goings on a little too close to home, with a police appeal after a man was attacked by in Brinkley Road last Tuesday night - pushed into an alleyway by some armed nasties and set upon under cover of darkness.

All very scary indeed, by Worcester Park standards.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Ode to Worcester Park

Apparently, there's £1,000 up for grabs from United Newspapers if you can pen a winning ditty about your local area. Details here.

Not one to miss the opportunity of wealth, I present the probable winning entry:

Ode To Worcester Park

Last night I went to Worcester Park,
After it was a just a dark
And found that it was far too late
for pizza fresh from Ryan Gate

Far far too many chavs, I see
With miniskirts in KFC -
Not a case of lamb but mutton,
off the 213 from Sutton.

Then up the hill I gainly troop
But got ripped off by Betty Boop.

(Do Worcester Parkers really think
There's real demand for Mr Ink?)

Then I stumble on a rarity
A local shop that's not for charity -
So into Broadway Bargains race
And blow the rest on wool and lace

Then join some locals for a beer
To find out what it's like round here -
Nothing but a bunch of c*nts man!
Is it always like that in The Huntsman?

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Golden balls

The Golden Chef takeaway has transformed itself into the 'Surrey King Cafe' - possibly because under its the previous name it was becoming better known for its people trafficking rings than its onion rings (full story from The Independent newspaper here, for those who missed out on that one).

I have no information to say that it's actually changed ownership, so will continue to boycott this murky establishment.

I took the snap on the way to the Worcester Park Tavern to see Radio Jackie in action - Neil Long was busy strutting his stuff half way through the 12-hour marathon disco. I was there at the lull between the family bit an the main evening entertainment/auction, and Zammo from Grange Hill had yet to arrive and draw the main crowd with him.

The Deputy Mayor of Kingston (we'll give them that one, as technically the WP Tavern is in the Royal Borough) was milling around - he deserves a mention for three reasons:

(1) He was in Worcester Park
(2) He has a comedy name - Bart Ricketts (and is so far the only person I've known to be named after a cartoon character AND a disease)
(3) He has a blog where no doubt he'll write about his experiences in the WP Tavern

I didn't stay too long, downed my pint, declined the invitation to buy a Radio Jackie balloon and headed off into the Worcester Park darkness.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Goodby Mavi, Hello Jackie!

Goodby Mavi!
Every time I left Worcester Park train station, past 'Hair by Thicko' (or is it Fiko?), I wondered just for a moment who or what 'Mavi Boncuk' is, or was. For the unitiated, it was painted haphazardly above a deserted shop (used to be an independent record shop, if I remember correctly) next to the Cuppaholic cafe.

But now Maci Boncuk has left us for good. The shopfront has been painted over, a nice shade of dark green. No indication of what is going in its place - all I could spy inside was a nice wooden floor and wooden panelling, a kitchenette at the back and an air conditioning unit. Well, at least it's not going to be a charity shop.

Hello Jackie!
Last night I blogged about Radio Jackie's Children In Need fundraiser at the Worcester Park Tavern. This morning in a spooky coincidence of timing I tuned into Radio Jackie this morning just in time to hear Neil Long on the breakfast show talking about the existence of the Worcester Park blog, and entertaining his listeners with my blog posting about Zammo (from Grange Hill)'s planned visit to Worcester Park.

Neil also threw down an audio gauntlet by asking that the Worcester Park Blogger reveal themselves (in the 'getting in contact' rather than flasher-mac sense, I'm assuming).

Reveal myself? Not a chance, Mr Long. The Worcester Park blogger stepping into the glare of publicity would be like Banksy doing a personal appearance, or Trevor MacDonald actually contributing something more than an opening link in the 'Tonight' programme that bears his name.

Still, you did chastise me 'on air' for not mentioning you. So consider yourself mentioned. And linked to.

Happy now?

That said, he did describe the blog as 'Very funny', so in true (South) West-End tradition, I'll have to add it to the top of the blog.

Cheers Neil!

There goes the neighbourhood!

They must be an altogether different breed of people over in the Auriol Park corner of this fair neighbourhood.

Whilst most areas find something some decent threats to their neighbourhood to get riled over (like a new runway through their back gardens, a surge in shootings and other such trivia) it seems the good folk of Salisbury Road are getting very hot under their white collars over the issue of a ‘white van’ which has been left parked on one of their roads for the past few months and has barely moved over all that time.

Yes. A van! On a road! Can you Adam & Eve it? There goes the neighbourhood!

“Local people have tried to confront the white van man but he repeatedly eludes them by arriving after dusk and disappearing at dawn.

To engage him, one person resorted to a sticker bearing the message: "This van is lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, please remove it." reports the local Guardian.

Only in Worcester Park. Now where's Miss Marple when you need her?

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Zammo from Grange Hill...

Yesterday I declared the announcement that Father Christmas was coming to Worcester Park to be exciting news.

Back then, it was.

Today , however, brought news of an impending celebrity visit so momumental that Santa as well chop up his sleigh for firewood and bugger off to a retirement home in Cheam.

Yes, Zammo from Grange Hill (a.k.a. Lee MacDonald) is giving up an afternoon of cutting keys at his shop in Wallington to visit he Worcester Park Tavern to help Radio Jackie's local fundraising jolly for Children In Need.

Jackie are somewhat optimistically touting it as being the '
the biggest charity night in the world ever'. I think 'the biggest charity night in the world ever in Worcester Park' might have more chance of coming to fruition.

All starts at Midday on Saturday at The Worcester Park Tavern. Nice to hear that loads of Worcester Park Traders are pitching in to donate stuff for the charity day.

But just what does one say to Zammo Maguire on a cold November day in Worcester Park?

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Christmas bizarre...

In their infinite cheapness Sutton council don't actually take down what passes for the Christmas lights in Worcester Park, they simply unplug them at the end of the festive period and leave them aloft the lamp posts to gather dust before sending a man in a cherry picker round in November to liven them up again.

(I wonder if the Mayor of Sutton leaves his Christmas tree in the corner of the room all year round and just plugs the lights in for two months of the year?)

Anyway, I digress. We may not have good Christmas lights, but at least we do have a touch of festive magic in the form of the Christmas Fair organised by the Worcester Park Traders' Association. Technically they call it an 'Open Night', but that sounds wrong (and just plain dull) so I'm sticking with 'Christmas Fair'.

Each year Central Road comes alive to the sound of fairground rides, the smell of chestnuts roasting (on an open fire etc) with an array of stalls, games and other attractions - all very festive and 'villagey' indeed.

This year's event takes place on Friday 30th November from 6pm. Father Christmas is going to be arriving in Worcester Park at 7.30pm (well, not if he gets caught in the A3 roundabout roadworks he isn't).

And a Merry Christmas to you all.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Worcester Park blag...

Following The Brinkster's tip off yesterday, I headed up to the van outside Costcutter to pick up my free Smartwater kit.

From my conversation with the man handing out the kits, the van's presence hadn't been well promoted which was a shame. He asked how I knew that they were going to be in Worcester Park, but I didn't have the energy to explain who The Brinkster was so I just mumbled something vague about the internet.

Anyway, pictured for those who are interested is the Smartwater kit. The bad news is that Mrs Worcester Park got to it first and mistook it for a new line of mascara. The good news is that should an eyelash fall out soon, we have a high chance of getting it returned.

Those of you who read my last blog entry and comments will know that I have managed to blag a discount from Silks restaurant in return for a review on this blog. James from Silks has now emailed me - so thankfully nobody else will be able to claim the Worcester Park blog discount on my behalf. I shall check it out some time in the next few weeks, and of course you can read here how the meal goes.

Now, I must point out that the voice of Worcester Park has no price and cannot be bought by the offer of freebies or discounts. I resent the suggestion that this blog is becoming nothing more than a vehicle for product placement and the soliciting of personal kickbacks. That's vehicle in the generic sense, not the kind of Jaguar or Lexus vehicle that you may find at Evans Autos, 674 London Road Cheam.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

>> Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 <<


1 Sainsbury's Local (Supermarket)
2 Stitch Right Dry Cleaning
6 Le Kitchen - Bangladeshi Cuisine
8 Ocean Fish Bar
10 Star Cars - Minicab Office
12 Deb'n'Hair (Hairdressers)
14 Amor Beuaty Salon
16 Ace Accountancy Services
18Dual Tools (Tool Hire & Sales)
19Vivash Hunt Solicitors
22Eagle Dry Cleaners
23 Broadway Bargains (Haberdashery)
24 Voltz (Electrical supplies and installation)
25 Rumours Wine Bar
26 Classic Wok (Peking & Cantonese Takeaway)
28 Flower Parade (Florists)
29 Happy Garden Chinese Takeaway
30 Frederick W Paine (Funeral Directors)
31 Meghna Indian Cuisine
32 Ember Travel & Tours (Travel Agency)
33 Bairstow Eves Estate Agents
34 Stitch Express (Dry Cleaning, Alterations & Repairs)
34 Grand Estates (Sales & Lettings)
36 Cut & Design (Hairdresser)
38 Launderette
40 Surrey Comet Newsagents
42 Bronze Studio (Tanning and Beauty salon)
44 Model Road & Rail (Toys, models)
45 Cromwell's Estate Agents
46 Rendezvous Coffee Shop
48 Knightwood Estate Agents
50 Andrews Estate Agents
52 De Niro's (Pizza Pasta Kebab)
53 Beds To Go
54 Dawsons Aerial & Electrical Supplies
55 Costcutter (Supermarket)
56 AMS Opthalmics
59 The Seasonal Shop
60 Treasure Trove (furniture and Betty Boop!)
61 The Gallery Kitchen Studio
62 Central Locksmiths
63 Goslett's Furniture Store
64 Central Plumbing Supplies
66 Connor Prince Estate Agents
67 Barnard Marcus Estate Agents
68 Masters Chinese Canteen
69 Royal British Legion Worcester Park Social Club
70 Silks - Italian, Chinese, Thai Cuisine
72 Preview Menswear
74 The Chef (Chinese restaurant)
76 Munal (Nepalese Restaurant)
77 EMPTY- (was - Choices Video Store)
78 Graham Lee Carpets (Carpet, Rugs, Vinyls, Laminate Flooring)
79 Papa Johns (Pizza takeaway)
81 Camera Continental (cameras and accessories)
82 Cafe Piccolo (Italian Deli, Cafe and Restaurant)
83 Worcester Park Discount Motor Spares
85 EMPTY (was TV & Video Clinic)
87 Pizza Express
88 Party Express (party goods, fancy dress)
90 Megabyte Computers
92 Coversure Insurance Services
93 NatWest Bank
94 Ladbrokes (Bookmakers)
96 Garners Funeral Services
98 St Raphael's Hopsice (Charity Shop)
99 FARA (Charity Shop)
100 Kimerley's Nail Bar
101 Abbey
102 The Rose Spa (Beauty salon)
103 Household & Toy Warehouse (household goods, toys, accessories)
104 Read'n'Rite Newsagents
105 Pets Place
106 Hendy's Jewellers
107 Superdrug
108 Kodak Express (Photographic developing, frames)
109 Cafe Experience
110 Sue Ryder Care (Charity shop)
111 Geranium Shop For The Blind (charity shop)
112 The Seasonal Shop
113 Variety Store (Newsagents)
114 KFC
115 Princess Alice Hospice (Charity Shop)
117 Fowlers Toys Books Stationery
118 D&A Opticians
119 Debra (Charity Shop)
120 Tarrant Hardware
121 Ciaran Barbers
122 Seanhanna (Hairdressers)
123 Redgwell Sewing Machine Centre
124 EMPTY (was 'Worcester Supermarket)
125 Bakers Oven
126 The Conservatory Florists
127 Quality Dry Cleaners
128 Checker's Sandwich Bar
129 Nationwide
130 Ross's Fruiterers
131 EMPTY (was Dury & Cole / Abbey National)
132 William Hill Bookmakers
133 Woodward Bros Butchers
134 Chinese Medicine 2000 Ltd
136 Frean & Smyth Veterinary Surgeons
137 Sole II Sole (shoe repairs, key cutting)
138 Halifax
140 Casual Schoolwear & Shoes
141 Iceland
142 Clark's Shoes
146 Loving Thoughts (Cards, Gifts)
147 Thomas Cook
148 One Stop Party Shop (fancy dress, party goods)
149 Costa Coffee
150 HSBC Bank
151 Marie Curie Cancer Care (charity shop)
153 W H Smith
154 Worcester Park Police Office
155 UK Household (Household accessories)
156 La Mamma (Italian Restaurant)
157 John James Gardening
158 Boots (Chemist)
159 R Woodfall Optometrists
160 KIM's Barber
161 Zeus Menswear
162 Samuel James Estate Agents
163 The Barber Shop 2 Hair Masters
165 Barclays Bank
166 Mann Countrywide (Estate Agents)
167 Gascoigne Pees Estate Agents
170 Lloyds TSB Bank
171 Off Licence - Wines Beers Spirits
173 Surrey King Cafe
174 Ryan Gate (Continental Deli, Halal Butcher)
175 Surrey Nefis Kebab
176 Post Office
177 M&S
178 Prospects Recruitment Bureau
180 Worcester Park Mini Market Newsagents & Convenience
182 Mr Ink (cartridge refils)
184 Kingfish (fish & chips restaurant and takeaway)

CHEAM COMMON ROAD (top of Central Road)
198-202 Cameo Office Supplies (office furniture)
204a Charcoal Grill
204 Hair Cutting Co
206 Jolley's Newsagents
208 Royal India Indian Cuisine

WINDSOR ROAD (off Central Road, by Pizza Express)
1 PowerHouse (Electrical goods)
3 Mikes Music (second hand records and CDs)
5 Ginger & Garlic (Asian takeaway)
7 Skin & Bodycare
9 Pigment Parlour


Sutton & East Surrey Water - 01737 772000
Thames Water 0845 920 0800 (24 hours)
Gas (Transco) 0800 111 999 (24 hours)
Electricity - EDF Energy 0800 783 8866

You give them over a grand of your heard-earned money a year, and they give you a website. Woop-dee-doo.


The Oldfields Re-use and Re-cycling Centre ('the tip' to you and I) - find it here. Open Tuesday to Sundays (check website for precise times).


Worcester Park Residents Association Representing the local community and acting as the voice for Worcester Park. Kind of like the Worcester Park blog, but with committee meetings and minutes, and without the humorous postings. So, in other words, nothing like the Worcester Park Blog.

Paul Burstow, MP for Sutton & Cheam (covering Worcester Park). I bet two-thirds of Worcester Park's population don't know who their MP is. I bet the other third think it's Paul Burrell. Well, educate yourselves here.


Dr BRADY & partners
Manor Drive Surgery, Manor Drive Health Centre, 3 The Manor Drive, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT47LG
Tel: 0844 4778795

Manor Drive Surgery, Manor Drive Health Centre, 3 The Manor Drive, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT47LG
Tel: 020 83375888

Dr BOWEN-PERKINS & partners
Shadbolt Park House Surg, Shadbolt Park, Salisbury Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT47BX
Tel: 020 83373966, 020 83

Dr KANTHAN & partner
6 Well Court, 740 London Road, North Cheam,Sutton, Surrey, SM39BX
Tel: 020 86448400

Dr BRENNAN & partner
The G.P. Centre, 322 Malden Road, North Cheam,Sutton, Surrey, SM38EP
Doctors: Dr Celia Brennan, Dr Catherine Neylan


Superdrug Pharmacy, 107 Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8DY
Tel: 020 8337 2325

Boots The Chemists Ltd - 158 Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8HH
Tel: 020 8337 2612

Plough Green Pharmacy - 364 Malden Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 7NW
Tel: 020 83372083

Victoria Chemist - 524 London Road, North Cheam, Surrey, SM3 8HW
Tel: 020 82874777

J Sainsbury - 566 London Road, North Cheam, Surrey, SM3 9AA

Nearest late night chemist/pharmacy to Worcester Park is Lloyds Chemist, 11 The Broadway, Tolworth, Surrey, KT6 7DJ. Open to 11pm, 7 days a week.


Cheam Common Junior School
Christ Church with St Philip
Cuddington Community Primary School -
Deb'n'Hair Hairdressers -
Europol Supply Ltd
Green Lane Primary and Nursery School
Malden Parochial C of E Primary School
Manor Drive Surgery -
The Rose Spa
Saint Matthias' Church -
St Mary the Virgin, Cuddington
Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents' Association (SARA)
4th Worcester Park Scout Group
Worcester Park Baptist Church
The Worcester Park Blog
Worcester Park Community
Worcester Park Cricket Club
Worcester Park Football Club
Worcester Park Observatory
Worcester Park Residents Association
Worcester Park Tennis Club


1. Cheam Common Infants' School

Cheam Common Junior School
Dorchester Primary School
Malden Parochial CofE Primary School
Cuddington Community Primary School
Green Lane Primary and Nursery School
The Mead Infant School
Auriol Junior School
Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School
Linden Bridge School
Sparrow Farm Community Junior School
Stoneleigh First School
St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School
Nonsuch Primary School

Local Roads:

Columbia Avenue
Idminston Road
Burford Road
Broadmead Avenue
Malden Green Avenue
Mayfair Avenue
The Glebe
Perry How
Fullbrooks Avenue
Forest Side
Avondale Avenue
Manor Way
Manor Drive
The Hollands
The Avenue
Avon Close
Delta Road
Vale Road
Avon Close
Kinross Avenue
Ardrossan Gardens
Cuddington Avenue
Newbury Gardens
Alsom Avenue
Cunliffe Road
Lynwood Drive
Sandringham Road
Stoneleigh Avenue
Bridgewood Road
Windsor Road
Hampton Road
Moreton Road
Donnington Road
Knollws CLose
Hobart Road
Braemar Road
Kingsmead Avenue
Dalmeny Road
Oaks Avenue
Tudor Avenue
St Clair Drive
Woodbine Lane
Shrubland Grove
Huntingdon Gardens
Lingfield Road
Wellington Avenue
Cheam Common Road
Pembury Avenue
Caverleigh Way
Green Lande
Kingshill Avenue
Risborough Drive
Green Lane
Longfellow Road
Sherbrooke Way
Lewiston Close
Beaumont Drive
Lincoln Road
Caldbck Avenue
Washington Road
Brinkley Road
St Philip's Avenue
Lindsay Road
Browning Avenue
Ruskin Drive
Merrilands Road
Buckland Way
Dorchester Road
Cotswold Way
Boscombe Road
Conrad Drive
Inverness Road
Clarke's Avenue
Carter's Close
Langley Avenue
Colborne Way
Ebbisham Road
Beverley Road
Morningside Road
Colborne WAy
Hill Cresent
Bedford Road
Grandison Road
Elm Way
Trent Way
Lavendar Avenue
Courtenay Road
Lloyd Road
Woodlands Avenue
Elmstead Gardens
Fairford Gardens
Squireels Green
Rushmere Court
Orchard Court
Badgers Copse
Suffolk Road
Dene Close
Shadbolt Close
Lady Hay
Yew Tree CLose
Paddock Close

And end to the con-fusion...

A week ago I posted (somewhat hurriedly) my brief thoughts on each of the Worcester Park eateries I have tirelessly 'researched' in the past year or so, and commented that I hadn't ever tried 'Silks', on Central Road.

I was delighted, nay honoured, that the new proprietor of Silks is clearly a fan of the Worcester Park blog and has taken the time to put finger to keyboard and tell me a little more about his establishment. He writes:

Hi there,

As the new proprietor of Silks, I invite you in to try some of our food. You've given some good reviews of other restaurants so maybe you could give us a go and see what you think.

To put the record straight, we offer Chinese, Thai and Italian food. In our kitchen we have three seperate chefs for each cuisine. All highly experienced and highly trained in cooking their specific nations food. So, we don't have one specific chef cooking different styles of food.

Your right, our branding and the word fusion needs bringing up to date so that everyone knows exactly what style of food we offer. As time moves on (and finances improve!) we will invest in better signage and a stronger corporate image.

Roy, I appreciate your views on my restaurant, it's a shame we didn't entirely 'wow' you. All of our food is cooked from fresh and is bought by hand from the markets twice weekly to ensure our food is totally fresh. Our chef's have rigourous training to ensure they are up to the job of preparing and cooking top food.

I do understand that Silks won't be to everyone's taste, because we don't fit into a specific genre of restaurant, but we have come a long way in the three months I've been involved, I would go as far as to say the restaurant is the best it's been since it opened 5 years ago. As you can probably see from my babblings above I am very passionate about what we do and would urge anyone and everyone to give us a go! I will personally look after you to ensure your total satisfation!

Many thanks,

James Colairo-Moss

Well, James, I may just take you up on your offer. Oh, and if I put a link to your website here, do I get a crafty discount.....?

UPDATE: Silks restaurant closed on January 1st 2009

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Central Rude...

Speculation is rife over on The Brinkster's blog that "one of the shops towards the top of Central Road has been closed for providing the kind of services that can't be advertised publicly".

Of course I knew that already.

Yes, at first I too was taken in by the facade of haberdashery, pocket money toys and the 3 for 2 offers on knitting needles.

But when Grandma Worcester Park wandered innocently in, declared she was into cushion making and was looking for cheap frills and extra stuffing, it became all to clear that Broadway Bargains is not all it seems....

[Note to lawyers: This is a joke (possible even 'satire'). Broadway Bargains is a perfectly respectable, if odd, haberdashery establishment]

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Power to the people?

Clearly that hamster-in-a-wheel that supplies EDF energy to Sutton, Worcester Park and Cheam is not at all well as there was yet another power outage last night around 6pm.

This time it was just out of the confines of Worcester Park in the no-mans land that is known either as North Cheam or the A217. I prefer the latter.

Meanwhile in Worcester Park the lights were dimming intermittently, so there is clearly trouble't'mill.

Perhaps those wind turbines in The Hamptons aren't such a bad thing after all?

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A pint of the dark stuff?

The local Guardian has helpfully reported the restoration of electrickery to Worcester Park and Sutton following last night's powercut, along with EDF's standard blah-blah about a fault on the underground network being to blame.

The article also pointlessly notes that "Despite being hit by the power cut punters at the Lord Nelson, London Road, Cheam were still able to enjoy pint albeit in the dark" (Blitz spirit indeed) - neglecting to report the similarly earth shattering news that Mrs Doris Steele of Cavendish Road was able to make tea on a gas hob and that drivers used things called 'headlights' to get around in the dark.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Worcester Dark..

..normal service has, it seems, been restored after the power went out at 6.45 this evening and plunged Worcester Park into darkness.

Luckily we had fork handles in the living room so continued our meal by candlelight (even an omelette seems romantic in that light) and then spent the next hour gathered around the tranny ('sistor, that is, not 'vestite) as they would have done in the good old days.

I've no idea how widespread the power cut was, although did hear on the radio that the lights were out as far up as North Cheam. We did the neighbourly thing by knocking on the front doors either side of us to offer the use of our candles if they were in need. Although, if the truth be told, it was more of a smug "Ahaha... we've read the government's Emergency Planning leaflet and are prepared for all eventualities and you're not" visit than anything else.

Thankfully it is November 5th and the house behind us were midway through their own mini display which added some sporadic illumination to proceedings - indeed the experience was probably enhanced by the lack of orange sodium tinge to the sky.

EDF Energy had nothing but on hold music - so it appears the good folk of Worcester Park were flocking to this fair blog for news on the power cut..

And lo and behold at 8.20pm the power was back on. Has Worcester Park been ransacked in a crazed outbreak of looting and pillaging under cover of darkness? Did the good folk of The Huntsman resolve their differences over the romance of candlelight and vow to put the arguments of the past behind them? Did anyone else struggle to find the number for EDF Energy?