Thursday, 25 October 2007

Ryan Gate sells everything...

Ryan Gate has been very much the butt of my blog-based jokes. A curious beast, Ryan Gate is a slightly impluasible Lebanese deli in Worcester Park that since its inception (around 2 years go if my memory serves me well) has added to its range of services those of pizza making, greengrocery, bakery, butchery (sic), kebabs, burgers, hot Lebanese delicacies and a coffee shop. Oh, and wedding cakes.

Now, much as I am shamed to admit it, I seem to recall that I gave Ryan Gate a life expectancy of about three months when it originally opened, but that has not stopped me developing a curious affection for this place - its bewildering foodstuffs, its amiable staff, their willing helpfulness despite not beginning to grasp my explanations of what pineapple juice is and the irrepressible pace at which it reinvents itself. Oh, and then there's its frustrating habit of stopping serving pizzas around 8 o'clock when most people are just beginning to crave one, but enough of that.

I have (infrequently) come to frequent Ryan Gate and have grown to love it as a Worcester Park institution. It is up there on my list of protected species - along with Broadway Bargains, the Betty Boop shop and Mike's Music (which is doing incredibly well for a store that was supposed to have been closing down 2 years ago).

So imagine my horror when I discovered this 'Substantial Restaurant Deli Convenience Store For Sale' on the Telegraph Business Club Website. Ryan Gate, the store that sells everything (except pineapple juice) is up for sale.

A moment's silence please?