Saturday, 20 October 2007

Rugby my baby tonight...

Yes, I have caught a nasty case of World Cup Fever. In fact it struck quite unexpectedly last Saturday. It must have been a particularly virulent strain, as it struck only 24 hours after I had contracted the realisation that there actually was a Rugby World Cup underway.

Now, I make no apologies for my sudden conversion to this game. I make no pretence to be a regular rugby fan, nor do I claim to understand what is going on - yes, I get the grabbing the egg-shaped ball bit (passing backwards, not forwards), diving onto the touchline with it and then booting it over the H-shaped thing... but anything beyond that is, well, beyond me.

I do not, however, pretend that I will watch a single game past tonight's final (win or lose) until the next time England gets reasonably far in a World Cup. But at least I'm honest about that.

What bugs me, with increasing and inexplicable wrath, are the legions of 'regular rugby fans' which have sprung up all over the place, proferring their ill-informed opinions on what quite probably are the only 3 games they've watched all year.

Oh, and look today at the swarms of England rugby shirts being paraded around our High Streets, pubs and train stations. Yes patriotism is great, but I my urge to smack you in the head would be greatly diminished if that rugby shirt were actually a regular feature of your attire, and not just something you've had gathering dust at the back of the closet for the past 4 years.

But still, tonight will be fun. We'll all get excited, and invariably we'll lose. Then we'll all completely forget about rugby until the next time we all become 'devoted fans'.

Swing low, etc.