Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Sun in the morning, beer in the evening

Nothing much to report from Worcester Park, except for the fact that since the clocks changed, the sun is annoyingly low in the sky and blindly bright when I turn onto Central Road for my morning commute about 7.30, so I have to point the car in the vague direction of the top of the hill and hope for the best.

I will write a letter to the Sutton Guardian, demanding that something is done about this. Immediately.

Oh, and it's nice to see that this fair blog has been quoted on the excellent pub-review website 'Beer In The Evening' in the latest user's review of The Huntsmans.

The worrying news is that Beer In The Evening has been bought by a private company (boo hiss) - no idea what their plans are for it, but as said company owns a number of inconsequential social-networking sites I fear that B.I.T.E. will morph unsuccessfully into an alcohol-based SpaceBook, or MyFace or whatever the hell those things are called.

Whatever they do to is, let's hope this essential internet resource for pub-lovers is kept online and true to its original aims. Besides, The Huntsman's Hall gets a lousy 3.8 out of 10 - a warning to everyone not to venture into it at any costs.

There you go. Public service. I knew the internet would crack it sooner or later.