Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blog on, Worcester Park!

It was well over a year ago since my last blog post. Well over a year and a half ago since I stopped blogging regularly.

My, how time has flown.

Rarely to I look back at my old blog postings, but in a bored moment looking back at my last post today, I saw that it had elicited no less than 35 comments. Admittedly, 29 of these were offers of Viagra and penile extensions, but buried amonst them were a good few posts clamouring (well, almost) for the return of the WorcesterPark blog.

Well, OK then, you win. Here goes. So I resolved to put fingers to keyboard once more and re-start the proud tradition of blogging from Worcester Park. But not without a nod to co-blogger the Brinkster who continues to keep the blogging flag fluttering from Worcester Park.

So here we are. Worcester Park is back, and back for good (well until I get bored of it again, I guess).

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BrinkleyRoad said...

Welcome back to blogdom!! Glad you saw the heartfelt sentiment in amongst the penile extension ads!! :) said...

Greetings from a fellow surrey person

BenjyP said...

I was looking at the blogging frequency on the side and noticed that you appear to be writing less and less than year, even below 2008 standards at the current rate, I do hope that its not wearing thin. I appreciate that you probably have other things to do, but what else will fill the occasional 5 minutes in my work day.

Baically CHOP CHOP, more witty posts about WP life

Rick said...

BenjyP, think not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community. At it's heart, it's a community blog, so a large proportion of the quantity and quality of the content is down to us, the community.

Just be grateful that there's someone out there, willing to give a considerable proportion of their time to maintaining this blog. It's not and shouldn't be solely down to WP (who I'm sure has other commitments, outside of these web pages).

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