Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blog on, Worcester Park!

It was well over a year ago since my last blog post. Well over a year and a half ago since I stopped blogging regularly.

My, how time has flown.

Rarely to I look back at my old blog postings, but in a bored moment looking back at my last post today, I saw that it had elicited no less than 35 comments. Admittedly, 29 of these were offers of Viagra and penile extensions, but buried amonst them were a good few posts clamouring (well, almost) for the return of the WorcesterPark blog.

Well, OK then, you win. Here goes. So I resolved to put fingers to keyboard once more and re-start the proud tradition of blogging from Worcester Park. But not without a nod to co-blogger the Brinkster who continues to keep the blogging flag fluttering from Worcester Park.

So here we are. Worcester Park is back, and back for good (well until I get bored of it again, I guess).